General Description of the project

“Commonly, consumer purchase decisions are triggered not only by technical and functional aspects of a product but also by the emotional response of the consumer to the product aesthetic appearance.”

Among the features defining the aesthetic appearance of a product, the shape is one of the most Important; this is the base of the idea.

Develop a new CAD system able to assists designers in the search of appropriate product forms, significantly accelerating the entire design process of new products by identifying most common concepts associated by users to products.

At the same time, the form of each product of this set will be numerically characterized to then perform a classification of the form based on the similarity of their numerical descriptions. Finally, there will be a check on whether there is a correlation between the consumer/expert classification and the classification performed based on the geometry numerical description.

If so, it would be possible to build and automatic system that helps to determinate the form of a product that is required to adhere to a given concept.

In this way, it is possible to increase the probability of a favorable consumer reaction to new products by using shapes that better match some concepts searched for the users.

“Nowadays the final product appearance, and hence its geometry, lies mostly on the designer abilities and experience… which is Risky”

So, it would be of great benefit for the speed and efficiency of the product creation process having a software tool that helps designers through the process of identifying new shape alternatives with a high probability of receiving a favorable consumer emotional response.


By identifying the key geometric features that people associate to specific concepts like

Personalities on commercial products, it is possible to develop a new CAD supporting tool to assist designers to explore new shapes with specific embodied concepts. 


General Goals

To develop a method and its corresponding CAD supporting tool to assist designers in the process of geometric development of new products.

Specific goals

1. To develop a database containing association of geometries and concepts.

2. To develop a database of numerical description of a set of commercial products silhouettes.

3. To identify the key geometric features which link the shape product to specific common concepts.

4. To develop a CAD tool to assist the designer to explore new creative geometric solutions with embodied concepts.

Our team

Name: Gabriel Caviedes Baleisan

Project name: Sunglasses Design

Date of birth: 19th April , 1986

Interests  and projections:

I enjoy the many facets of design from graphic to interior design. I have great interest in furniture design, industrial, fashion and architecture. On the other hand and although not consider myself a film fan, but  I quite enjoy it, also I  listen to music, and watch videos of science and technology.
As to my projections, taking decisions even found me on the one hand there is the possibility to continue studying to specialize in the area of design and on the other hand I would like to work on furniture design using sustainable materials.

Name: Francisca Schälchli Robinson

Project name: Car Concepts

Date of birth: 26th December, 1988

Interests and projections:

I always have interests in aesthetics part of mechanical designs, how the beauty of a complex system could captivate the eyes of the world.

Also, I like to draw, to read astrophysics and quantum mechanics, to play drums, and all of these converge to the complexity of the beauty, that’s what I see.

Also the complexity can be simple, and that’s what I dream:  to create new specific designs which favor the natural cycle of the earth, using contaminating things as raw material.

Name: Fabiola Villagrán Paredes

Project name: Textures to harmonize spaces

Date of birth: 22th December, 1989

Interests and projections:

I am a fan of the interior design and how it is achieved harmonization of spaces based on three basic natural energy elements: lighting, sound and thermal. Because of this, it’s growing in me interests to see how they relate to the elements and I want to manage to create costumes, products, spaces and architecture.

I love practicing dance and go to the theater to enjoy it, listen to music, play piano, recycle and watch shows on Discovery Home & Health.

In my future plans I want to specialize in overseas areas, combining sustainable design and technology. This is to create the opportunity for the user can be represented in the space in which he lives at a low cost.

Name: Sebastián Osorio Palma

Project name: Arrangement of objects and human behavior

Date of birth: 08th January, 1990.

Interests and projections:

I always have a struck everything that’s related to the minimalist design, functional and environmentally friendly design. Also I like everything about to “Do it yourself” and build things for myself.

I love being in touch with nature and being doing outdoor sports such as mountain biking. I am also very passionate about photography.

I intend in the future, make a specialization in any area of ​​marketing, market research and process optimization, seeing the possibility to include new technologies and manufacturing methods in the design of a product.